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Michelle Bayly Photography

Actors Headshots, Portraits and Travel


"Can’t thank Michelle Bayly Photography enough for my headshots! What a super lovely chilled session it was & Michelle was great at making me feel relaxed and giving me direction to get the results I wanted...10/10 would definitely recommend!" 

Bethany Dunn, Actress



Actors Headshots




 1-1.5 hour session, with range of lighting, backgrounds and looks.

 4 Images retouched in colour for print and online usage. 


 Relaxed, directed session to help bring out your look, casting and range to

 get you the best shots for castings. 

 Advice, tips and tricks before and after session to ensure you are well 

 prepped for the session. 

 Options to purchase more images but I believe 4 is enough to show your 



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Tips and Tricks


Before your Session

Head shots are the first thing a casting director will see of you. It is your selling point and it should show your best self. With that in mind here are my tips and tricks for a session. 

*Drink plenty of water!! I can't stress this enough. For a week up to the session     ensure you drink 2Ltrs of water a day. It will clear and hydrate your skin and eyes   which will make you look your brightest best self for the shoot.

*Get plenty of sleep the night before. No one wants tired red eyes in their shots 

  and there is only so much magic I can work in post. 

*Avoid alcohol for a few days before your shoot. It will show in your eyes and   complexion.

*Give yourself plenty of time to get to the session. Last thing you want it to feel     rushed or stressed. 

*Look at head shots you like, find posing tips on youtube. I will help you on the 

 day but its good practice for the session and your future career. 

*Bring a range of tops with different necklines, avoid bright colours and     patterns- these can be distracting. The more the better. Make sure they are   clean and ironed. Bring a range of jackets as well to help dress the looks e.g.   denim, leather, suit. 

*Make up- Less is more and will show a nicer complexion on camera. I can clear 

 blemishes and brighten dark circles in post. 

*Hair- think of different hair styles you want e.g. up and down and come   prepared. 

*Facial Hair- If you would like shots with and without facial hair. Come with and   bring a razor- we can pause and allow time for a shave so you can get a range of   looks. 


Performers and Performances

Take a peek at my shots for other artists and their performances.

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Here you can see my portrait and landscape photography from around the world. 

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What is your experience as a headshot photographer?

I have been doing headshot photography for 10 years, I started taking my actor friends head shots and have been going since. As well as a head shot photographer I am an actor working in theatre, film, voice over and performance capture, so I understand how to get you the best look for castings. I understand and know what is expected of head shots within the industry and how to make you pop out from the pile. I believe in giving actors character shots. Headshots that can really help a casting director imagine you in a variety of roles rather than a picture of an actor standing in front of a background. Through my years of experience I have also gained knowledge in the different trends of shots so I am always up to date with what the current industry expectations of shots are. 

What happens during a session?

Prior to the session I will send you my tips and tricks (which you can read above). On the day I will look through the clothing you have brought and match what looks best for your skin tone, eyes and to help bring characters/looks out. I will then decide which backgrounds to use for the different looks to help bring about a whole completed feel for the image. 


Where do your sessions take place?

My headshot sessions take place at my home studio.

What should I bring to a session- Clothing/Make-up?

Bring a wide range of tops with different necklines, avoid bright colours and patterns as these can be distracting. Bring a few jackets as well as these help compliment photos- denim, suit jacket, leather etc. 

Make sure clothes are Ironed and neat.

With make-up less is best. I can always brighten dark circles and take away blemishes. Skin tone looks much better with minimal make-up. 


What lighting do you use?

For my shoots I use natural lighting outdoors, indoor studio and a mix of both depending on the client. I believe different people suit different lighting styles, so I cater my sessions to each individual to give them the best look for them. 

How long do your sessions last?

My sessions last between 1 hour to an hour and a half. Different actors have different needs and some may need a little more time relaxing for a shoot. I don't believe in rushing anyone through and my sessions are always relaxed to help you feel really comfortable and get the most out of your session. 

I also want you to get what you want from the session and be happy with the results, so I allow extra time for that. 

What happens after a session?

I will upload your shots to a private folder and send you the link for yourself and your agent to look through. You can then take as long as you would like to chose through and pick 4 images to be retouched. I will then retouch and edit those images in up to two weeks- usually a few days but I give myself up to two weeks in case I get a last minute acting gig. I will then send you the images in print quality and online resolution for your Spotlight, Mandy etc profiles. 

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