Michelle Bayly


Michelle can act a variety of characters for differing genres and styles.

From comedy to drama, action to period. British Action Academy trained in screen combat and weapon styles and experienced in working with green screen and puppetry.

What ever your project needs feel free to contact me to discuss your next upcoming production. 

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Michelle has been working on a range of commercial projects as both an actress and voice over. 

With experience working in green screen Michelle has worked recently on tech projects including for Thermo Fisher. View ad here.

Michelle also has her own professional home studio booth for remote recording voice over for commercial projects. Listen to Michelles commercial reel here. 


Michelle trained with Neil Newbon at PCAUK, with John Dower at The Mocap Vaults and in creature movement with Sarah Perry at Shapes in Motion.

Her training included:

*Locomotions, cinematics, states and cycles. 

*Creating believable environments. 

*Character creation and movement. 

*Creature movement including Ape movement.

*Acting to pre recorded dialogue. 

*Facial capture and head mounted camera acting. 

Since then Michelle has worked with Frontier Development, Dimension Studios and Axis Studios on a variety of projects. Watch Michelles performance capture reel and find out more here.


Voice Over

Michelle voices for a range of mediums including games, commercials and corporate promos. 

Michelle records mostly at her home studio for remote projects.

Recent credits include: 

*Salters, 'Larcenauts' - Impulse Gear.

*Captain Del, 'Catalyst Black' - Super Evil Megacorp. 

*Various, 'The curse of the Deadwood'- Steamroller Studios. 

And more.

Listen to Michelles reels and find out more here.