Michelle Bayly


A Professional Home Studio for remote Recordings


Sound and Echo proofed Vocal Booth

Rode NT2A

Scarlet Solo Gen 3 Interface

Adobe Audition.

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Soft North-East English*, Geordie*, Standard English, RP (Posh), Soft London, Heightened Cockney, Soft General Northern, General America, Southern American (Cowgirl). 

Good Ear for accents to pick up and learn for various characters. 

Voice Reels

Commercial Reel

Listen to Michelles commercial reel. A mix of neutral English and North East English accents and styles. 

Morgana Promo: Belief

Michelle wrote, voiced and edited this piece of dialogue for a promotional pitch to Dimension Studios for a VR game which was to be called Morgana. 

Storyshare Commercial

Listen to Michelles light energetic commercial read for Storyshare. 

Catalyst Black

Michelle voiced Captain Del for mobile platform game 'Catalyst Black' by Super Evil Mega Corp games. Captain Del leads players through tutorials and missions. 

Larcenauts Trailer

Michelle voices Salters an ex space miner turned grenadier for Impulse Gears VR shooter Larcenauts. Listen to Michelle voice this tom boyish space Geordie.



Michelle is represented by Emily at Voice Fox Agency.




Alternatively you can contact Michelle directly via contact page.