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Michelle Bayly



NDA release 2022, Cinematic Trailer. 

Dir. Jon Yeo, Axis Studio, Centroid Studios. 

Formula 1 Manager, 2022. Motion Capture. Characters: Various, drivers, spectators, Pit-stop crew. 

Dir. Tina Nischan, Frontier Development, Centroid Studios. 

Magic the Gathering: Crimson Vow, Cinematic- facial and motion capture. Characters: Bride and various.

Dir. Jon Yeo, Axis Studio, Centroid Studios.

Viking Ambush,  VR Experience- motion capture, weapons (axe), Death tumbles. 

Characters: Vikings and Villagers. 

Dir. Christian Orntoft, Dimension Studios, Proto Studios. 

Morgana, VR Promo experience (pitch)- motion capture, writing. 

Characters: Morgana

Dir. Craig Stiff and Michelle Bayly, Dimension Studios, Proto Studios.

Syren, VR game - motion capture. 

Characters: Syren. 

Hammerhead Studios.

                  Movement Skills:

*British Action Academy: hand to hand, two handed sword, german medieval longsword, sword and shield, spear/staff, 



*Facial Capture

*Acting to pre recorded dialogue.

*Creature and Ape movement.

*Basic UK army military weapons handling, combat training and drill technique.

*Clown, Puppetry, Laban and Lecoq Movement Techniques.

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