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Carbon Sky logo 6.jpg

Who we are:

Carbon Sky makes films surrounding many stories about life. We aren't genre specific but make films that show different lives, within many genres, mediums and themes. Most of our projects are written and directed in house, sometimes collaborating with other film companies to create projects together. 

The Team:

Carbon Sky Films is ran by Michelle Bayly who acts as writer, director and sometimes producer. 

After years of experience working as crew on various projects she wished to utilise her experience in acting, directing and writing alongside her crew experience to create her own projects. 

Previous crew experience-

Films: "Harrigan" dir. Vince Woods

TV Series: "New Worlds" Channel 4, "Gone too Far" BFI, "Our Girl" S1 BBC, "Whitechapel" ITV, "The Paradise" S1+S2 BBC.

Promo: 'Vogue'

Music Videos: 'The Foals', 'Bridgit Mendler', 'Wretch 32'. 

Commercials: Marks and Spencers, Charnen, 

Shorts: Various projects for Channel 4 comedy Shorts. 


If you're a film maker who would like to collaborate on a project or if you're a film maker who would like to join with Carbon Sky please get in touch. We are always on the look of for camera specific film makers or producers. 

We unfortunately do not join projects to act as a producer on behalf of your own project. 

Dust. Was a project created in a day. The writing. camera, lighting, acting, VO, editing and sound design was done all solo on an evening. I wanted to test the possibilities of solo film making with today's accessibility to different means of making a film. 

I wanted to test the possibilities of telling narratives in a new, simple way with a plain black background and using lighting, sound and narrative to tell the story. 


In Production

We are just finishing production on our first short "INVASION" in association with Pinwheel Arts. 

A Horror short made in 5 days during lockdown for a Horror Lockdown Competition

Red still short.jpg
Dust. Short Sci Fi

Past Projects

Dust: Filmed in one day as a completely Solo project. 

Herd Mentality: A satire web series mockumentary; following Tabatha Holmes as she tries to find a cure for Covid.

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